Good Fats Bad Fats

There is a lot being said about fat, diet pills and the like these days. It used to be believed that all fats were created equal and that it’s best to avoid them. Nowadays, it’s supposedly the carbs that we are the problem. However, the truth is that there are good fats (ones that we need), and there are bad fats (those that we’re better of without). This article aims to show you the difference between the two and where each type of fat is found.

Let’s start with the bad fats. These are called saturated fats and can be found in egg yolks, full-fat cheeses and dairy products, fatty meats such as burgers and salami, sour cream, etc. There are other types of bad fats. Another major one is called trans fats. Examples include almost all commercial crackers, cookies and cakes, margarine, Crisco shortening, and things like „innocent” artificial coffee creamers. These fats are bad for you because „they have an adverse effect on your heart and cholesterol levels.

Now for the good fats. These fats are responsible for building muscle and burning fat. Some examples of these fats are olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, cashews, nuts, all-natural peanut butter. These fats can protect our joints and organs and can fuel your body as a form of energy.

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