What is Hoodia Extract?

Hoodia Gordonii is generally available in diet pill form. However, one manufacturer offers a liquid tincture, also known as an elixir or a Hoodia extract.  In traditional herbal medicine, an extract is made by soaking herbs in alcohol for several weeks. However, modern laboratories are able to distil the active ingredients of Hoodia without the use of alcohol, making a potent Hoodia extract tincture suitable for all people, even those with alcohol sensitivity, and appropriate for people of all ages.

The advantages of a herbal Hoodia extract 

  • ability to preserve the active compounds
  • ease of use and convenience – can be added to water, juice, tea or drops can be placed under the tongue
  • fast-action – easily absorbed by the body
  • long shelf life

Taking a liquid Hoodia extract is the closest thing to the natural way of eating the Hoodia stem – as the San Bushmen do. A Hoodia extract is helpful for times when you need a fast-acting appetite suppressant, like when someone unexpectedly opens a big box of chocolate! Just a few of drops of Hoodia extract under the tongue or in a glass of water or juice and you’ll be feeling the appetite suppression effects in a matter of minutes so you can effortlessly resist temptation.

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